All-in-one AI Marketing Workflow
Empowering small teams with big marketing capabilities

Unlike generic AI tools, Maestrix delivers fully fleshed-out insights and campaigns tailored to your business.

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An assisted marketing workflow to

By consolidating a comprehensive suite of marketing tools and capabilities into one easy-to-use solution, Maestrix enables lean teams to run efficient, insight-driven marketing campaigns across multiple channels without the need for an entire agency.


Start with just a product description, your keywords and a competitor.

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Maestrix helps you define your positioning, target audience, and key messaging.

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Maestrix generates precise ads, social  posts, email campaigns, and landing pages.

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Growth Engineering, Accelerated with AI.

Strategic guidance, tactical execution, fast results.

Design and deploy growth strategies powered by proprietary cutting-edge AI tools and a clear roadmap to achieve your business goals and execute your vision.

Maestrix GPT

Why Maestrix

A real all-in-one Marketing solution that adapts to your unique business needs, brand voice, and marketing style to deliver solutions that are truly precise and creative.

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  • Maestrix taps into a vast knowledge base to generate innovative, on-brand content and campaigns.

  • Create polished marketing assets and complete campaigns in a fraction of the time it would take manually.

  • Designed to be the most adaptable and intuitive marketing tool, whether you're a solopreneur or an  agency.


“offers an excellent framework for expediting the implementation of a strong marketing plan, saving time and resources. I strongly encourage marketers and founders to try it ⚡️”


Maxime Pollet

has built the best kept marketing secret leveraging GenAI ::: another treasure @jowyang hunted you may catch in #LlamaLounge events"


Oz Bishop

“Maestrix is an incredibly powerful, robust set of tools for marketing strategists in companies large and small. I highly recommend to clients and colleagues!”


Dr. Phil Hendrix

“Intuitive UI and easy to navigate, which makes the overall experience very smooth. High quality outputs, always relevant and precise."


Chanelle Wea

“It's a powerful tool that all marketers should have among their app stack! Fast, efficient, reliable, and saves lots of time.”


Rihab Zaidi

“At last a polished tool to reduce iterations using ChatGPT, with really accurate insights.”


Christian Riedi

Maestrix helped 3X
our results in 60 days

"Maestrix has perfectly assessed our business attributes. It crafted a precise strategic plan, executed with great campaigns and content. We doubled our CVR in the first 30 days."

Anup Gosavi.
CEO @ VideoDB (fka Spext)
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