4 hours to transform your marketing with guided AI

For founders and small teams seeking to clear out their growth to-do list and improve their GTM motion today
Team up with a Maestrix expert to build your growth marketing engine. Together we analyze your business and do the heavy lifting work, at your pace. One of the most transformative investments founders can make to accelerate growth.

  • πŸ“† Flexible scheduling
  • πŸ’‘ 20+ yrs of experience
  • πŸš€ Ready-to-use outputs
  • πŸ› οΈ Implementation support

We'll build your 90-day Marketing strategy and game plan
assisted with AI in just 4 hours

4-Hour Bootcamp

Flexible scheduling
  • What You'll Achieve:
    Craft a compelling value proposition that communicates your brand's unique selling points.
  • Research and create buyer personas to guide your marketing channel selection.
  • Map your buyer's journey, addressing objections and frictions.
  • Develop a comprehensive SEO content strategy aligned with your target's interests.
  • Generate campaign concepts, hooks, and messaging.
  • Draft a conversion-optimized landing page.
    Structure keywords and generate headlines for search ad campaigns.
    Learn to use Maestrix (3 months unlimited access included).
Recommended for founders and small teams

Meet your instructor

Guillaume Dumortier

Digital Strategy, Growth Marketing, Prompt Engineering, B2C,Β SaaS,Β eCommerce

With over 20 years of digital strategy and growth marketing engineering expertise, we reach an audience of over 10,000 founders & marketers worldwide.

Our lead instructor, Guillaume Dumortier, is a Silicon Valley-based marketing strategist with collaborations spanning high-profile startups (Algolia, Life360) to industry giants (L'OrΓ©al, Red Bull).

An ESCP and Stanford University alumnus, Guillaume specializes in digital strategy, growth experiments, and AI marketing.

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