Attention Is All You Need, But Workflow Makes AI Succeed

January 4, 2024

Ever wondered why AI sometimes falls short in delivering high quality output for critical business tasks?

The key, as I've discovered in my extensive exploration of Large Language Models (LLMs) and various AI tools, lies not just in the technology itself, but in how we apply it.

Over the past year, I've found that the integration of AI into business operations often misses two critical elements: task-specific attention and a structured, journey-like workflow.

These components are essential for transforming AI from a mere tool into a powerful companion that consistently delivers exceptional outcomes. This realization came to me through hands-on experience in applying AI to real business challenges such as product launches, brand positioning, sales pitch development and marketing campaigns.

Let's illustrate this with a practical example:

Imagine you're in charge of your company's website copy and faced with the task of a website rewrite – a familiar scenario given it's only been a couple of months since the last overhaul 🙂.

A logical starting point is often the homepage hero message. Here, I'll demonstrate how AI, specifically ChatGPT, can be utilized to craft this message.

Initially, I'll show you the outcome using ChatGPT out of the box, and then, I'll compare it with results obtained after applying a method that integrates task-specific attention and a creative warm-up workflow (a technique that certainly deserves a catchier name, which we might explore in a future post 🤔).

For this demonstration, I've chosen to develop a hero message for As an avid user and a member of their ideal customer profile (a solopreneur who enjoys building stuff with AI), I believe I can effectively assess the relevance and impact of the generated messages.

This is their current homepage hero message: somewhat plain, likely an intentional choice if their strategy focuses on conveying their dominance in the niche.

Now let’s assume that the new direction is for a more creative hero message

Here is my first naive, out of the box attempt with ChatGPT: “suggest 3 hero message headlines for, this is their current one: The world’s only full-stack,  no-code platform


Creating effective headlines for a product like, which emphasizes its no-code platform capabilities, involves capturing the essence of its unique selling points in a concise and engaging manner. Here are three suggestions:

  1. "Unleash Your Creativity: Build Anything with's No-Code Revolution"
  2. "Empower Your Ideas: Effortlessly Design Full-Stack Applications with"
  3. "Transform Your Vision into Reality:'s Full-Stack No-Code Solution"

The suggestions from ChatGPT for Bubble's hero message headlines are interesting but not quite there.

While they capture the essence of the no-code platform capabilities, they lack a certain punch and seem misaligned with the target buyer's aspirations, like mine, to transform ideas into impactful applications.

Before comparing these initial attempts with a more refined approach, it's important to understand the process of enabling task-specific attention coupled with a creative warm-up workflow. This is achieved through training a GPT model on a specific range of tasks.

In our case, we developed an 'all-in-one CMO GPT,' tailored to modern marketing and content creation frameworks.

For more insights into this, I recommend reading this article on the best GPTs for growth and marketing. Among its capabilities is the generation of creative headlines using rhetorical devices, a topic we've delved into more deeply here, as well as other innovative frameworks for crafting compelling headlines.

So, to illustrate this process in action, let's first 'warm up' the creative engine of our CMO GPT with a round of creative headlines before tackling the task of creating a more effective hero message for This is what I requested our all in one CMO:

Perform the following sequence: headlines with rhetorical devices organized in a table each <br> should be removed and a new row inserted instead, creative headlines, suggestions for hero messages. Product is

All-in-one Marketing CoPilot | Maestrix AI

Absolutely, let's reformat the headlines with rhetorical devices for into a table with proper rows, followed by creative headlines and hero message suggestions.

1. Headlines with Rhetorical Devices

Rhetorical Device Headlines for

  • "Create, Connect, Conquer – No Code Required"
  • "Design, Develop, Deploy – All Without a Single Line of Code"
  • "Imagine, Implement, Innovate – Makes It Possible"
  • "Complexity Simplified, Creativity Amplified – That's"
  • "From Ideas to Interfaces, Without the Code In Between"
  • "Dream Big, Code Little – Unleash Your Potential with
Scesis Onomaton
  • "Build, Launch, Grow – No Coding Necessary"
  • "Design, Connect, Scale – Effortlessly with"
  • "Innovate, Integrate, Elevate – All Through"
  • "Develop your Development, Code your Creation"
  • "Build your Builders, Create your Creators
  • "Design your Designs, Innovate your Innovations"
  • "Build, Deploy, Grow, No Limits"
  • "Create, Connect, Conquer, Effortlessly"
  • "Design, Develop, Scale, Seamlessly"
  • "No Code, No Constraints, No Ceiling"
  • "Build Swiftly, Scale Smoothly, Succeed Significantly"
  • "Create Easily, Connect Instantly, Conquer Continuously"
  • "Build Without Code, Grow Without Code, Succeed Without Code"
  • "Design with Freedom, Develop with Freedom, Deliver with Freedom"
  • "Imagine More, Create More, Achieve More"
  • "Bubble: Build Brilliantly, Break Barriers"
  • "Create, Connect, Conquer with Bubble's Brilliance"
  • "Design Dynamically, Develop Daringly with"
  • "With, Build Your Dreams; With, Break Your Limits"
  • "Through, Create Effortlessly; Through, Connect Seamlessly"
  • "By, Design Dynamically; By, Develop Daringly"
  • "Without Code, Create Complex Applications"
  • "Beyond Coding, Building Better"
  • "In a World Without Code, Reigns"
  • "Embrace Creativity, Eschew Coding"
  • "Start Building, Stop Coding"
  • "Discover, Redefine Development"

2. Creative Headlines

  • "Where Dreams Meet Design – No Coding Required"
  • "Unleash Your Inner Developer with"
  • " – Where Ideas Evolve into Applications"
  • "Crafting Web Wonders, Code-Free"
  • " The Canvas for Your Digital Dreams"
  • "Innovate Unbounded by Code with"
  • "From Concept to Creation, Effortlessly"
  • "No Code? No Problem! Welcome to"
  • " – Empowering Creators, Enabling Innovations"
  • "Designing Futures, One Click at a Time"

3. Suggestions for Hero Messages

  • Explain What You Do: " – Transforming Ideas into Apps, Effortlessly."
  • Hooks: "Think It, Build It – No Coding Skills Needed."
  • Own Your Niche: "The Ultimate No-Code Platform for Modern Full Stack Development."

Each of the three options appears to resonate more effectively with the target audience of builders, innovators, and tinkerers. Especially if the goal is to craft a message that dominates the niche, the third option stands out as more compelling compared to's current homepage message.

The potential applications extend beyond just crafting hero messages. I've observed that gaining strategic differentiation and insights becomes more pronounced when using the positioning canvas framework (a nod to April Dunford for this). Similarly, Google ads gain significantly more impact when this approach is combined with a tailored headline exercise and thorough keyword analysis, another facet where our all-in-one CMO GPT excels.

If this topic piques your interest and you're curious about more applications, I welcome you to share your specific use cases in the comments below. I look forward to exploring and addressing these in my future posts. 

P.S. - Find the link to our “All in one CMO” GPT on, under resources.

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