Unlock Growth w/ Custom AI.cceleration Sprints

It's 2024. Whoever moves faster with AI wins!
Revitalize your marketing and sales strategies through hands-on learning, expert guidance and actionable outputs.
Achieve your milestones, align your team, gain strategic clarity.

We help companies boost their business velocity with the use of AI across several domains, including SaaS, eCommerce, No-Code Dev, AI Platforms, DevOps

Made for startups
looking to improve their GTM motion today

Too many brilliant minds are struggling with ineffective growth strategies, grappling with identifying the right customers or understanding the drivers behind their purchasing choices.

Custom  Strategies

Ready-to-use Outputs

Custom AI Tools

Flexible Scheduling

What to expect with Maestrix

Our custom sprints are designed to help your business build a sales and marketing growth engine that delivers in 30-45 days.

Actionable insights. Tactical outputs. Predictable growth engine.

Transformative Solutions Tailored for Your Business

Craft a value proposition that communicates your brand's unique selling points
Research your target audience and create buyer personas to guide your marketing efforts
Develop a comprehensive content strategy that aligns with your target audience's interests and needs
Implement paid advertising and retargeting to increase conversions and sales
Design effective email marketing sequences to nurture leads and retain customers
Gather data and analytics to track your marketing performance and make data-driven decisions

Meet your growth team

Maestrix was created by Guillaume Dumortier and Amichai Lesser. We know first-hand how valuable growth engineering is—it’s the bedrock for our businesses. Collectively, we combine 40+ years of growth engineering expertise and reach an audience of over 10,000 founders & marketers worldwide.

Silicon Valley-based marketing strategist with collaborations spanning high profile startups (Algolia, Life360) to industry giants (L'Oréal, Red Bull). He specializes in helping startups achieve growth/marketing fit. A ESCP and Stanford alumnus, seasoned speaker, Guillaume stands as a leading voice in growth marketing.

Guillaume Dumortier

Digital Strategy, Growth Marketing, Prompt Engineering, B2C, SaaS, eCommerce

Based in Barcelona, Amichai is a seasoned technology executive with a strong foothold in the DevOps domain. An alumnus of NYU Stern and Ben-Gurion University, he has a rich history in sales, alliances, and strategic planning for Micro Focus, HP and JFrog. He has published patents and insightful articles to his name.

Amichai Lesser

B2B Tech Executive, PLG/SLG, DevOps, Enterprise Sales


  • Strategic Review  (x1)
  • Audience Research (x1)
  • Tactical Campaign (x1)
  • Custom GPT  (x1)
  • Website Page Rewrite (x1)
  • SEO content Outline (x1)
    Weekly Live Session (x1)
    Community Forum Access


  • Everything in Grow, plus:
    Live Analytics Dashboard (x2)
  • Channel Setup (x3)
  • Campaign Management (x3)
  • SEO content Draft (x10)
  • Social Micro-Content (x40)
  • Private AI Ops Hub

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